The Top 19 Content Marketing Tools You'll Need In 2024

Want to know which are the best content tools for your business? We share the top content marketing tools you need to get the most out of your content.

Keyword research. Topic research. Content outlining. Editing. Image curation. Distribution. As a content marketer, delivering value to your audience can be time-consuming and daunting.

Content marketing tools help you automate tasks, collaborate with your team and improve productivity and performance. 

But choosing the right content tools can be challenging, especially with so many options available. In this article, we’ll explore 19 essential content marketing tools to help supercharge your content strategy in 2024.

The importance of content marketing in 2024

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, generate authority in your space, and drive more qualified leads.

“Content marketing is a unique opportunity to impact brand and performance — while serving as the flywheel for the organization. Content gives everyone something to say,” said Tracey Wallace, director of content strategy at Klaviyo. “It’s both strategy and service, both brand building and lead generating, both top of funnel and bottom.” 

Keeping up with the demands of content is not easy and the stakes are not low. Here are some (sometimes conflicting) statistics to put things into perspective.

  • 67% of marketers said content marketing generates leads (which is a 7% increase since last year). 
  • Content marketing generates triple the leads as outbound marketing and also costs 62% less.
  • 51% of businesses that invest in content marketing publish something daily.
  • 44% of B2B buyers consume between 3-5 pieces of content before making a purchase decision
  • 83% of marketers say it’s better to focus on content quality over quantity, even if it means posting less often.

What does all this mean? Creating content that engages audiences while keeping your name buzzing is all about balancing quality with quantity.

“Content marketing keeps your company front and center online,” said Ashley Cummings, a freelance writer and marketing specialist. “If you let your content efforts slide, your competitors will win. Online consumers can’t buy from you if they can’t find you.”

19 must-have tools to level up your content marketing efforts

Navigating the tightrope act of quality with quantity of content doesn't have to be a Herculean task however. The right tech stack behind a comprehensive marketing strategy can save content marketers time, enhance collaboration, and optimize content for success. 

Let’s look at the best tools available for content creation, SEO optimization, analytics, visuals, and project management. 

Content creation

Every successful marketing strategy relies on an efficient content creation process. AI-powered marketing tools—like Jasper—can simplify your content workflow and simultaneously enhance the quality of your output. 

1. Jasper

Jasper is a writing assistant powered by natural language processing (NLP) technology. Using over fifty templates, marketing teams can brainstorm and create fresh content for various platforms—including social media content, blog posts, and influencer marketing campaigns. 

Top features:

  • Company Intelligence to house insights like brand positioning, product positioning, customer research, competitive analysis
  • Campaign Acceleration with asset status markers, feedback summaries via a one-click automation and Instant Magic to create an entire campaign from one asset with a single click
  • An analytics suite to monitor content performance via a wide array of metrics, with Jasper able to generate evidence-based recommendations on ways to improve things.
  • Creates original SEO-optimized content
  • Ensures your content’s tone and voice are appropriate for your target audience
  • Jasper Everywhere, one of the best Chrome extensions for digital marketers, allows you to use Jasper anywhere you write
  • Includes more than 25 languages
  • Produces visuals in seconds with Jasper Art
  • Detailed training courses and access to Jasper’s private Facebook community ensure a short learning curve


  • Content outputs may require editing

Pricing: A 7-day trial is free. We offer a single-seat Creator mode for $39/mo. A Teams plan allows for 3 seats and as many unique brand voices for $99/mo. Lastly, a custom-priced Business plan has unlimited seats, access to our API to unlock far more capabilities with integrations, admin analytics, and no limits to our features.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI editing tool that checks your content for grammar and punctuation errors. Marketing teams can also use the Goals feature to optimize content for their target audience and content objectives. 

Top features:

  • Provides suggestions to enhance vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Rates every piece for clarity and engagement
  • Plagiarism tool scans content to ensure it's 100% original
  • Compatible with various platforms, including Google Docs, email, and social media apps
  • Grammarly Business enables creation of a style guide 


  • Suggestions can change the meaning of text—users should review all recommendations

Pricing: Free basic plan available. Premium plans start at $12 per month. Business plans start at $15 per member per month. 

3. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App grades your content for readability. The tool highlights words, phrases, and sentences that may affect your readability score. 

Top features:

  • Reviews your content for sentence complexity, passive voice, and overuse of adverbs
  • Easily imports content from Microsoft Word or other writing platforms
  • Includes one-click integrations with Medium and WordPress


  • Free version only works online, and you cannot save your work
  • Does not check grammar or punctuation

Pricing: A free plan is available, which identifies issues but doesn't suggest corrections. A premium plan is available to $10/mo and can provide AI suggestions on up to 5,000 sentences. 

4. Feedly

Content marketing requires your team to stay updated on the latest trends. But keeping up with your favorite publications, blogs, Twitter feeds, and newsletters takes time and effort. Feedly’s AI engine, Leo, tracks insights across the web and highlights relevant content.

Top features:

  • Find and organize your favorite news sources and publications to make research easier
  • Get access to pre-trained models for threat intelligence as well as market intelligence
  • Easily share articles and insights with your team
  • Create a “board” with relevant content


  • Takes time to set up

Pricing: Free plan for web and mobile. Paid plans start at $6 per month while a Pro+ plan is $12/mo and has up to 2,500 RSS feeds. A custom Business plan exists as well.


It takes time to research and find reliable sources for your blog posts. Waldo enables you to scan search results, accelerating your research process. 

Top features:

  • The tool helps you create a research plan then searches the web based on that plan
  • Adds insights from automated searches to a sharable doc, with sources
  • Removes ads for a cleaner search engine experience


  • Removes some of Google’s features, like “People also ask” or keyword tags
  • Quite pricey

Pricing: $149/mo for one user. The Teams tier is $599/mo for five users and the Enterprise package with 10 sears is $1,494.


Interviews can supercharge your content with unique insights. Fireflies makes it easy to record, transcribe, and search your interviews. 

Top features:

  • Record meetings across any web conferencing platform
  • Transcribes in almost 70 languages
  • Integrations with Dropbox, Box, and Onedrive allow files to get auto-transcribed once they’re uploaded to your selected folder.
  • Skim transcripts and add comments or highlight specific sections
  • Download or embed transcripts into a webpage
  • Track conversations around pain points, pricing, and competitors using custom topic trackers
  • Create and share soundbite snippets of your calls


  • Tool is audio only — currently, there is no way to record video
  • Transcriptions may need review or editing
  • Limited storage with the free version

Pricing: A free plan is available with 800 minutes of storage. A pro plan is $10/mo and comes with 8,000/min of storage per seat. Business plan is $19/seat per month with unlimited storage. 

7. Wordtune

Wordtune is an AI sentence rewriter that helps beat writer’s block. Users type or paste a sentence into Wordtune’s editor, and the tool suggests rewriting options. Wordtune also catches spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Top features:

  • Rewrites content sentence by sentence, or offers suggestions for an entire paragraph
  • Summarize YouTube videos, blog articles, and PDFs
  • Build a personalized knowledge base
  • Provides recommendations in casual and business tones of voice
  • Recommends “Smart Synonyms” based on the context of the sentence
  • Simultaneously translates and rewrites sentences into English
  • Compatible with various platforms, including email, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word


  • App does not work offline
  • Suggestions can alter the meaning of text

Pricing: Free plan available with 10 rewrites and 3 daily AI prompts. Plus plan is $9.99/month with 30 rewrites and 5 daily AI prompts. The Unlimited tier is $14.99/month with unlimited rewrites and prompts.

8. Headline Studio by CoSchedule 

Compelling headlines are crucial to attracting readers. Headline Studio by CoSchedule reviews your headline for length, clarity, and tone. The tool then gives you an overall headline score and an SEO score. 

Top features:

  • Reviews word and character count for SEO
  • Offers feedback for specific platforms like YouTube, blogs, Instagram, podcasts, and more.
  • Suggests improvements such as increasing length or adding power words
  • Users can compare all versions of a headline and see which receives the highest score


  • Limited to 20 different versions for each headline
  • Free version does not include an SEO score
  • Pricing can be confusing

Pricing: A free plan is available. A $4/mo premium plan is offered with competitor analysis as well as headline and keyword suggestions.

SEO and analytics

A robust SEO strategy gives your content marketing efforts visibility, driving traffic and boosting conversions. Here are the best content tools to enhance your SEO campaigns.

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