• Reduced time required for calculating product prices in order to meet revenue goals

  • Higher number of visitor impressions resulting from SEO-optimized product content

  • Return on investment after using Fiidom


Suggest the most profitable prices for any products on store

Through the use of AI technology, Fiidom conducts comprehensive research for similar online stores, analyzes their product assortments in relation to yours, and employs a range of metrics to generate data-driven pricing recommendations aimed at maximizing profitability.

Discover the best suppliers for your needs with less hassle and more efficiency

Are you having difficulty finding reliable suppliers for your products? Put your worries aside and let Fiidom AI come to your rescue. Our cutting-edge technology scours the vast expanse of the Internet, meticulously comparing various suppliers. Rest assured, we not only focus on offering you the lowest cost but also take into consideration multiple crucial factors when presenting you with the best choice.

Improved product content quality

Fiidom utilizes the latest AI model, ensuring that the generated content is of high quality. The AI model has been trained on a vast amount of data and can produce engaging and persuasive product titles and descriptions. By using Fiidom, you can enhance the overall quality of your content, leading to more appealing and convincing product listings.

Time and effort saving

Say farewell to the time-consuming task of calculating prices from multiple external sources and manually creating content. With Fiidom's AI-powered solution, you'll be able to save considerable time and effort that would have otherwise been spent on these tedious tasks.

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