Must-Have AI Productivity Tools for Modern Professionals

Here’s a look into the top AI productivity tools to enhance workflow and boost efficiency in 2024. Explore our curated list and find the perfect tools for your

Must-Have AI Productivity Tools for Modern Professionals

AI productivity tools significantly boost efficiency, and that’s a good thing. In today's fast-paced and competitive industries, maintaining productivity is more important than ever. Marketers, managers, and business owners often find themselves juggling numerous tasks, stretching their capacities to the limit. But, it doesn't have to be that way. 

This blog explores five essential AI productivity tools that every modern professional needs in their arsenal. 

AI Productivity Tools Streamlining Workflows, Here’s How

AI productivity tools are pivotal in transforming complex processes into manageable tasks, enabling professionals to focus on strategic objectives. With the right tools, you can get: 

  • Enhanced Efficiency: AI tools let you allocate resources more effectively by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks.
  • Time-Saving: These tools streamline tasks that take hours, freeing time for more dollar-productive strategic activities.
  • Cost Reduction: AI automation can cut operational costs and lets business owners scale operations more sustainably.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, AI tools can quickly adapt and scale your operations without a proportional increase in workload.
  • Better Decision-Making: AI tools provide valuable insights through data analysis, aiding in more informed and timely decisions. 

The Best AI Productivity Tools in 2024

Today's professionals require tools that enhance efficiency and integrate seamlessly into their complex routines. We've curated a list of the top five options, handpicked for their unique features, intuitiveness, and potential to revolutionize workflows. 

AI content marketing tools

Jasper is truly the Rolls Royce of AI productivity tools for content marketing. Maybe we’re biased, but Jasper really does take it to the top with revolutionary features that save you hours strategizing, writing, and organizing content production tasks.

It isn’t just your run-of-the-mill GPT. You can train Jasper to understand your brand and how you write, resulting in authentic, relevant, and valuable content for your audience. 

Here are the key productivity features and benefits you can expect from

  • Create content marketing roadmaps, go-to-market strategies, and social media plans that align with your value propositions and prospect needs.
  • Manage content marketing tasks and deliverables.
  • Integrate Jasper with different platforms, such as WordPress, Google Docs, and other popular content management systems (CMS).
  • Generate content based on tailored input from your knowledge base.
  • Repurpose long-form content into social media ad copy, Tweets, or press releases.

Pricing (Billed Annually):

  • Creator: $39/month per seat. Access to multiple AI models and essentials.
  • Pro: $59/month per seat. It lets you create three complete campaigns.
  • Business: Custom pricing. Enterprise features and API integration access. 

We’re offering a seven-day free trial with all the bells and whistles you need to speed up your content marketing workflows. We recommend the Pro plan so you can try out different brand voices, upload ten knowledge assets, and collaboration management features. 



Imagine you’re in a meeting…and it’s a long one. After the meeting, you find yourself forgetting 90% of it. That’s completely relatable. Memory retention isn’t everybody’s forte. That’s where Evernote comes in. It’s an AI-driven tool that can take notes from text, voice, and images. 

Team members can search for specific notes using keywords, tags, or advanced search filters. It can also integrate with platforms like Google, Slack, or Microsoft Teams to ensure teams have all the necessary resources within reach. 

Evernote’s key features include:

  • Multi-format note-taking for capturing text, voice recordings, and images. 
  • AI-powered search engine for finding notes using keywords, tags, and categories.
  • Management tools for setting reminders and task delegations.

Pricing (Billed Annually):

  • Free: Includes 50 notes/month. 60MB uploads. 
  • Personal: $10.83/month.100,000 notes. 10GB uploads.
  • Professional: $14.17/month. 100,000 notes. 20GB Uploads
  • Teams: $20.83/month. 500,000 notes. Includes Slack integrations.

Trello With Butler

Trello AI integrations

Trello is one of the most intuitive and flexible project management tools available. Even with the free version, Trello is already a productivity powerhouse for any business that uses it. 

With Butler, Trello can automate repetitive tasks like moving cards, sending reminders, or updating fields. It’s a perfect addition for larger teams with complex workflows and routines.

Here’s what you get when using Trello with Butler:

  • Integrations with Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Jira. 
  • Trigger-based automation like task scheduling, reminders, and setting due dates.
  • Post messages to Slack Channels for updates and new tasks. 
  • Send automated emails to your team straight from your boards.
  • Butler can recognize repetitive tasks you perform and suggestion automations for them.

Pricing (Billed Annually):

  • Free: Unlimited cards. Ten boards per workspace.
  • Standard: $5/month. Unlimited boards and 1000 workspace commands.
  • Premium: $10/month. Includes Atlassian Intelligence for trigger-based commands. 
  • Enterprise: $17.5/month. Offers membership and organizational control. 


Taskade homepage

If you’re a project manager, you probably understand the importance of efficiency when handling large teams. You must delegate, track progress, and prioritize the most crucial tasks.

Taskade helps with all three. It’s an intuitive tool that leverages AI to track tasks, facilitate team collaboration, and promote focus and productivity through intuitive task management. 

With Taskade, you get the following:

  • Ability to train and deploy AI agents to automate tasks with custom triggers.
  • Real-time collaboration across multiple teams and departments.
  • Intuitive workflow generator for flowcharts, sprints, or dynamic to-do lists.
  • Mindmaps, calendars, and vision boards that align campaigns with goals. 

Pricing (Billed Annually):

  • Free: 1 AI agent, one workspace, and five monthly AI requests. 
  • Taskade Pro: $8/month. Unlimited AI usage and custom AI Agents. Ten workspaces. 
  • Taskade for Teams: $16/month. Unlimited AI automation and workspaces.


Notion homepage

Notion is an incredible tool with use cases for your professional and personal lives. It’s easy to use but has a steep learning curve because of how customizable it is.

Notion can help you track daily tasks, manage projects, and analyze work performance using “Blocks”—pieces of content you add to a page (to-do lists, checkboxes, bullet points, etc.)

Marketers use it to plan content roadmaps, schedule social media posts, and create campaigns. Now for the fun part. Notion has an incredibly active community that uses the tool for hobbies, daily errands, and personal projects such as:

  • Creating systems for Dungeons and Dragons (DND) sessions. 
  • Organizing trips with complete logistics details. 
  • Building databases for family recipes, wines and champagnes, and home wikis. 

That’s all possible thanks to Notion’s key features like:

  • Combining multiple databases from notes, tasks, or calendars into one platform.
  • Customizable templates for different needs and tasks. 
  • Integration capabilities with other productivity tools like Slack or Trello. 
  • Highly customizable workspaces for niche needs. 

Pricing (Billed Annually):

  • Free: Integrations with Slack and Github. Includes basic page analytics. Ten guest invites. 
  • Plus: $8/month. Unlimited blocks for teams. 100 guest invites.
  • Business: $15/month. Includes advanced page analytics. 250 guest invites.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for tailored needs. 

Key Takeaways

If you’re doing tasks on repeat it can probably be automated. AI tools can save you hours of time and stress when managing projects, teams, and tasks. Choose an AI productivity tool that aligns with your needs.

To recap, here are our top picks: 

  • streamlines and automates content marketing across multiple platforms. 
  • Evernote automates note-taking and provides a centralized knowledge hub for teams. 
  • Butler automates manual tasks in Trello and recognizes patterns you can automate. 
  • Taskade lets you build custom AI agents that automate tasks based on triggers. 
  • Notion is a flexible and highly customizable tool with multiple productivity use cases. 

If you’re looking for a tool to save you hours planning content marketing campaigns, has you covered. Tell Jasper what you need, and it’ll give you the next steps, helping you build entire campaigns in minutes. Try out Jasper for free today

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